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with Quinoa

Cleansing, hydrating and protective
Natural and effective cleanser gel that softly removes
impurities whilst hydrating and protecting the skin
thanks to the nourishing Quinoa.
Its gentle foam-free formula keeps the skin’s natural moisture
function barrier, without drying or irritating. It also regulates
the skin's oiliness. Naturally scented with Lavender oil to calm
and with Grapefruit oil to invigorate the skin, leaving it soft and
fresh. Suitable for all skin types. Especially indicated for sensitive and oily skins. Ingredients
150 ml  /  5 fl.oz.
25 EUR

with Sacha Inchi and Quinoa

Hydrating, calming and protective.
This advanced hydrating treatment combines the strengthening power of Andean Quinoa with the regenerating action of Amazonian Sacha Inchi Oil to keep the skin protected all day long against environmental aggressions. Thanks to its high content of omegas 3, 6 and vitamin E, it continuously replenish moisture throughout the day, restoring the skin´s balance and reinforcing its natural barrier, while preventing free radical damages. Suitable for all skin types, including oily skin as it has a non-greasy texture of fast absorption. Ideal for sensitive and irritated skin thanks to its soothing properties (Alcohol and fragrance free). Ingredients
50 ml  /  1,69 fl.oz.
32 EUR

with Camu Camu and Quinoa

Nourishing, firming and brightening.
This natural rich cream has been designed to reveal a glowing and revitalized skin every morning when you wake up! Night after night, antioxidant and firming Camu Camu acts in synergy with nourishing Quinoa to stimulate the skin´s natural production of collagen, improving elasticity, firmness and preventing skin aging. The exceptional high concentration of vitamin C in the Camu Camu boosts skin´s brightness, revealing a clarified skin and promoting an even tone. Its unique texture immediately gets absorbed, and leaves a softly scent of Chamomile blended with Sweet Orange to relax and revitalize. Apply every night to clean face and neck. Suitable for all skin types. Ingredients
50 ml  /  1,69 fl.oz.   

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