Camu-Camu 2022



The small wild tree of the Camu Camu fruit native from the Peruvian Amazon rainforest needs a special ecosystem to grow: at the edges of the rivers of the Amazon, in dark waters and lakes seasonally flooded by rain. When the tiny red fruits drop from the tree over the water level, it is manually harvested with the help of canoes.

Its name comes from the Indian Amazon language “Tupi”. According to the popular traditions of this ethnic group, “camu camu” is the sound produced by a special Amazon fish when they eat the fruits that fall into the water.

In native communities it is used as a medical plant, named as “la milagrosa” (the miraculous) because of its amazing healing properties.


  • Vitamin C: Camu Camu is worldwide leader in the content of natural occurring Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Compared to other fruits, the average of Vitamin C found in 100 g of Camu Camu is 3000mg in Goji Berries is 210mg and in Oranges is around 54mg.
  • Polyphenols. There have been determined up to 11 Phenolic compounds outstanding the Anthocyanins cyanidin-3-glucoside (as the major pigment in this fruit), the Flavonol Quercetin and the Ellagic acid.
  • Carotenoids. A natural pigment that also have an important antioxidant function.
  • Minerals: especially high levels of the nourishing Potassium.


Antioxidant: the powerful combination of Vitamin C and Polyphenols confers a unique antioxidant action to the Camu Camu, by neutralizing the aggression of free radicals* and therefore avoiding cell’s oxidation. As a result:

  • Prevents premature skin ageing
  • Diminishes wrinkles

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