Slow aging routine kit with Camu Camu serum, hydrosol, raw oil and mask

The Aypa Slow Aging Routine

Rides d'expression, ridules, boutons. Peau flasque qui manque de fermeté et d'éclat.

La peau vieillit différemment. Les signes de l'âge peuvent apparaître prématurément: la peau perd de son élasticité et de son tonus.

A synergy of the Aypa products containing superfoods Physalis + Camu Camu + Copoazu+ Buriti + Maracuja. They all blend the highest concentration of Vitamine A + Vitamine C and other antioxidants that will accelerate the rejuvenating skin process.

The routine step by step

1. Cleanse: apply a small amount of Raw Face Balm and rub on your dry hands to warm and melt (the balm melts upon skin contact). Apply onto dry skin and gently massage in circular motions. Slowly add warm water to emulsify and remove oil-based impurities. Rinse thoroughly with warm water or with a muslin cloth.
*If you would like to perform a “Double Cleanse”, follow with AYPA´s Quinoa Face Cleanser.

2. Balance: in this step you will balance the pH of your skin with the Hydrosol. At the same time you soothe and add antioxidants to your skin.

3. Brighten: apply a few drops of the Camu Camu Face Serum and gently massage until it gets absorbed.

4. Protect: against UV damage. Apply a few drops of the Raw Face Oil and massage with upward movements.

Skin Benefits:

  • Raffermit et rend la peau plus élastique
  • Stimule la production de collagène
  • Lisse les rides et ridules
  • Lisse le grain de peau
  • Réhydrate et nourrit
  • Redonne de l'éclat
  •  Renforce les tissus cutanés

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