Signature Andean Rituals

Signature Andean Rituals

Explore authentic wellbeing treatments that invite to reconnect with nature and get integrated with the earth.

With respect and gratitude we have created unique signature rituals that transmit the essence of the ancient Andean well-being wisdom.

Powerful sacred native plants and well-kept secret rituals are the perfect escape to a sublime, magical journey for wellness, beauty and body purification.

Body Rituals

Aypa Qhaqoy

Born on the traditional healing Andean “soul´s massage” the Aypa Qhaqoy is a holistic massage system that invites to feel in harmony and get in health. Through subtle and relaxing massages, it allows the mind to empty thoughts and connect to the body by being aware of the moment. The attention in each touch is an invitation to enter a state of pure consciousness.

A magical and sacred moment to recycle energies and reconnect with your essence.

Mystic Inka

A mystical wellness journey to deeply feed the body and energize the spirit. Through secret Incan massage techniques inspired by the 4 elements of Nature you will explore new exotic aromas and textures from the Andean nature. A Purple Corn exfoliant to purify, a Lucuma warming body mask to energize, a Sacha Inchi oil to regenerate and an exquisite Quinoa Cream to nurture.

A complete superfood treatment to delight all senses.

Facial Rituals

Andean Raw Ritual

This rejuvenating facial is inspired by the Andean wellness philosophy that considers us as a likeness of Nature. Through sensory massages techniques according to the 4 elements of nature, combined with raw products from the earth, we explore the face to purify, balance, activate muscles and reaffirm the skin.


An authentic experience of connection between Mother Earth and the inner self.

Aypa Stone Massage

A vibrant massage therapy rooted on the ancient Andean stone-energy knowledge. It is performed with Serpentine, an exclusive handcrafted stone designed by Aypa which comes from an energetic area around the mountains of Machu Picchu. It releases muscle tension, stimulates blood flow, detoxifies the lymphatic system, blurs fine expression lines
and activates the production of collagen, promoting a more luminous skin with an overall vital energy.

Healing action on the skin, positive effects on the emotions.