Spa Rituals

Spa Experiences

Aypa invites you to live unique spa experiences rooted in the purest Andean tradition. Organically grown native plants and rituals inspired by ancient practices open up new horizons for a sublime wellness journey. Discover mystical moments and enjoy!

Aypa Qhaqoy
A magical and sacred moment to live fully!  Formerly known in the Andean culture as the “soul`s massage”, this ritual is an invitation to get in harmony and feel in health. Thanks to the ancient knowledge of well-being applied in this therapy, you will fully experience the energy of the moment and will be captivated in a state of pure consciousness. So just relax and enjoy the journey.

Mystic Inka Ritual
Enter the mystical world of the Andes and discover the healing and nurturing power of native sacred plants. Ancient Inca massage techniques inspired by the 4 elements of Nature act in synergy with exotic aromas, comforting textures and unique nurturing plants to create an original experience that will deeply feed your body and energize your soul.

Nourishing Treatment with the winner ingredient Quinoa
A divine treatment from the Andean high mountains. Created for very dry skin to deeply nourish and reinforce cells, while restoring the smoothness and comfort of the skin.

Soothing Treatment with organic Sacha Inchi
This extraordinary treatment rich in Omegas 3, 6 & 9 calms and promotes healing of sensitive, irritated and oily skin, giving back its natural balance and hydration.

Brightening Vitamin C Treatment with the powerful Camu Camu
Designed for tired and dull skin. The exceptional concentration of Vitamin C in the Camu Camu fruit from the Amazon revitalizes the skin by stimulating collagen production. An immediate effect of freshness reveals a glowing complexion.

Antiaging Treatment with super antioxidant Goldenberry
An advanced treatment for mature skin with very high content of natural antioxidant Vitamins A, C & E. Acts deeply to soften the appearance of aging, giving an instant firming complexion.

Aypa Organic mini-facial treatment
Take 30 minutes to enjoy nature’s benefits and get ready to go! A customized express treatment selected according to the needs of your skin.

unsplash shoulder

Flash “ready-to- party” lifting
Instant radiance therapy to the skin featuring Camu Camu Vitamin C Serum, which acts in synergy with a stimulating facial massage for an immediate lifting effect.

For Men too!
A powerful skin replenishment treatment specially designed for men’s skin. Purifies and leaves a healthier and radiant look.

Exfoliating with natural antioxidant Purple Corn
A delicious scrub experience based on Andean Purple Corn, with a unique and very high antioxidant action. A gentle drainage massage eliminates toxins and leaves the skin clean, refined and perfectly smooth.

Relax + energy with Lucuma Therapy
A wonderful warming experience specially created to relieve back muscle tension. Through a creamy massage based on Lucuma fruit – rich in minerals and vitamins – muscles are relaxed and provided with energy to create a sense of balance and calm.

savs-511862-unsplash Amazon dreams

Amazon Dreams
Take a deep breath and get immersed in the exuberant Amazonian vegetation! A restorative massage is performed with organic Aypa Sacha Inchi Body Oil to release tight muscles and firm while the skin gets regenerated visibly improving its condition.

*These Treatments and rituals are only available at Spas and Wellness Centers.