If you are a facialist or a spa & wellness professional looking for new and authentic holistic
experiences to offer, then Aypa is for you.

Why to choose Aypa for your Center:

You will have the possibility to offer:

  • A unique holistic universe based on ancient wellness practices and botanical knowledge from the Andes.
  • A wellness destination outside the usual circuits and that highlights your treatment menu.
  • Noble and rare botanicals that are sustainable sourced from their native land, keeping intact all their super nurturing properties.
  • Rich formulations, highly concentrated in nutrients.
  • Ultra-effective products but also incredibly sensory cosmetics designed to provide the skin with what it needs to be healthy.
  • A unique collection of minimal and genuine cosmetics that can be used alone or in synergy.
  • Authentic rituals that recover ancient massage techniques.
  • New sensory experiences that truly connect to the earth.
  • Easy protocols to implement.
  • As a professional, you will feel pleasure working with the products and will also get immersed in the stories behind each ritual.
Mystic Inka Ritual

Get to know the Aypa professional treatments:

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Meet our worldwide professional partners

Cecily Braden
Founder of Cecily Braden Spa & Wellness, United States

Cecily is an international well-known spa educator based in New York city, awarded as Educator & Trainer of the Year in 2020 by American Spa.

She has been in the spa and wellness industry developing protocols and spa treatments since 1994 and teaching the benefits of facial massage since 2003.

Her passion is to offer unique products and services that honor and maintain the integrity of ancient healing traditions through comprehensive training and the promotion of cross-cultural spa experiences.

We started working with her in 2013 and since then she is sharing through Aypa the traditional techniques and botanical wisdom of the ancient Andean culture.

She distributes all Aypa skincare and body care products in the US. You can attend the Aypa online courses at her Wellness Academy.

Larisa Erokhina
Founder of Cosmetic Exito, Russia

Larisa has been a manager and a professional coach in beauty and wellness since 1995.
Based in Moscow, she is at the forefront of the industry, caring always for the requirements and well-being expectations of her clients.

She is passionate about natural products based on unique formulas that focus on results, besides environmental care. She loves a “living” product that harmonizes the skin of the face and the body with the soul.

This is how since the very beginning of Aypa in 2012 she found that was the perfect partner that shared her philosophy. So, she accomplished her mission: to bring to Russia a brand with a story and a special magic.

Larisa and her team have achieved to position the Aypa Mystic Inka ritual as one of the favorite wellness experiences of Russians… and it´s reaching to more and more.