CJB Luxury Sodalite Blue Stone Spiked Roller

CJB Luxury Sodalite Blue Stone Spiked Roller



instantly firms and lifts
renew facial contours | reverse sagging skin
diminish dark circles | reduce puffiness
minimize appearance of wrinkles (smoker, mimic and smile lines)
brightens | promotes radiant complexion
reduce dark spots | blemishes and other skin problems


All skin types

Note: Color varies due to natural stone characteristics



Luxury Sodalite Qi Spiked Roller by Cecily Braden
Protective Eco-Pouch included.

Not a fan of Jade Rollers? We weren’t either until we discovered the “spikes” and were instantly inspired to meet the challenge of putting them to good use. What’s the difference? Simply, the benefits! And, as with all our jade stones, it’s about balancing the pressure with the movement to create a fundamental shifts within the tissue of your skin. The addition of “spikes” improve Qi circulation (a.k.a. your body’s electricity) by stimulating the meridian points and providing an effective “irrigation” of connective tissue, which is the key to healthy skin..

Sodalite Stone Benefits

  • Blue stone acts to cleanse the lymphatic system and organs, enhances immune system function and resists radiation and insomnia.
  • The main role of blue stone is to bring people into deep meditation and improve their personal consciousness, thus developing great wisdom, which is more beneficial to people’s headaches, high blood pressure and respiratory diseases.

Always work superficial to deep, support the skin, work with the muscles and remember, when it comes to the “spikes”…less is more. 

Light = lymphatic drainage (doesn’t have to be smooth to affect lymph)
Medium = iron out connective tissue & fascia (think fine lines & deep wrinkles)
Firm (not deep) = relieve tension and adhesions along bones, reduce appearance of scarring

Daily use improves elasticity, reduces inflammation and through increased micro-circulation and lymphatic flow, cleanses the tissue and helps keep the space around the cells pristine, so healthy skin can flourish.

After cleansing, apply the Aypa Raw Face Balm and apply the spiked roller over the face for a minute or two with light pressure to warm the tissue. As you work, you can focus on specific areas of concern (deep wrinkles, fine lines, tension in the jaw or brows) and SLOWLY apply more pressure if needed. Less is more, so after working an area for 1-2 minutes, move to another area and keep moving allowing time for the face to absorb and respond to the work. Caution: use light pressure around the eye area.

The Sodalite Luxury Gemstone Roller can be warmed or chilled.

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